Would you like to know how is your brand´s presence on the internet? The first thing you need to do is conduct a search of your business name. Depending on the results obtained, you will know if it is satisfactory or if it needs to improve.

This is just the first step for building a successful and robust online reputation. The following move would be searching for the terms that your business could be related with and observe what sort of opinions it generates. Down below, we have detailed how to audit your brand´s presence.


Definition of brand´s presence on the internet.


First thing is to find out what we would like to achieve building a strong presence of our brand on the internet. The brand´s presence is not just several results or the amount of times your business will appear on a specific search.

So, we say that a brand´s presence is defined by the type of promotion, the stories created, the conversations in the online channel that build value, one of the most distinguishable and specific of our product. In this case, our brand as a business.


Aspects that determine online brand´s presence


When we speak about a business referring to it for the name instead of their typology, it creates a point of distinction adding value and more importantly making a difference from the rest of the companies.

The results that we found when we do search for a business on the network can be decisive for the user.

The level of knowledge about a label is one of the most important factors since people’s own experience is more suggestive than another individual´s opinion. However, the way this review is build or been identified, it could be used to substitute the inexperience when we don´t know about the services of the business we are looking for.

The way a brand shows up after a specific search is a very important aspect that we need to promote for an appropriate online brand´s presence.

Nowadays, search habits have changed. When we are looking for a restaurant, we tend to use the words that describe the place we are interested to go, for example “the best restaurant in Sants” or “a cheap and a good place to eat near Montjuic”. So, we need to make sure that those words will be the ones describing our brand and, of course associate them to our business.


Auditing our online brand´s presence


Is time to make the test we were suggesting at the beginning of this article: search for the activity related to your business and the name of your brand/label. For example, “language school Híspalis”.

If after the search find out cold references, a simple presentation of what we do or worst-case scenario, negative references, we will know we have not built our brands presence, or it is in poor conditions.

In the other hand, if we get results where we see the location, prices, contact information, reviews, references and details that contribute to convince the user, it will mean we have achieved a good online brand´s presence.


How to build a positive online brand´s presence


For instance, how a language academy could suggest much more than just learning a language?

The person who is looking to learn english, will mainly based the choice on the result of the following findings:

  • Price
  • Other students’ opinions

In that way, the school should be in the 10th first visible results that Google shows, reflecting affordable prices, good reviews, the quality of their services and perhaps an external reference talking about the value and standards of the business.

The external reference could be a blog entry write by a former student explaining the close and familiar atmosphere, or Google photos showing the technological equipment and dedicated students, even 5 stars score under Google Maps location.

That’s what we call a satisfactory online presence.

And, how to achieve all this element creating a flawless brand image? Monitoring the online reputation and working the references created by another people opinion or ourselves.

In this regard, all the negative references must be deleted or isolate them (make the results go under the 10 or 20th first Google results) then, highlight all the positive ones in addition to promoting our values as a company.


The importance of having a good online presence or brands online image


Google has a specific term to define how feelings or the information collected in a few seconds can make us take a decision about buying a service or get information about a business, is called: ZMOT

ZMOT are the acronyms of “Zero Moment Of Truth”, that moment when we have all the information related about a brand that we are looking for and it is enough to make us take a decision to finally buy or hire the services.

In many cases that information could be very basic like a high number of positive ratings in Google Maps; but in other circumstances, for more demanding customers or for expensive services that require more information, will need powerful attractions and especially no presence of negative results.


Reputation Crisis: improve your online reputation

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