Reputation, what we project, is of vital importance in many ways of our personal development: so, as we have a positive or negative image for others, we will have better skills and abilities to socialize, improve our work environment, make us more visible, etc.

If we focus on the internet environment, on online reputation, what we project is even more important since it is accessible to everyone and a single click away. In a matter of seconds from a total unknown to a company or our boss can know from our opinion before different situations, from our ideology, to what we do in our leisure time.

We try to hide or control this kind of factors on our real life to be sure that only our immediate environment has access to them, but are uncontrollable from the moment we upload a photo to Facebook, comment on a news story or even apply for a job.

Why cleaning online reputation?

Surely you have tried to find yourself on the internet, what were the first results? Those first results tell you much more than you can imagine. Thus, it is not the same that appears in the first position a comment that you made in a forum of mechanics, where the possible interpretation is that in your spare time you like to find out about cars, motorcycles, etc., or if the first comment is about a news a politician who you wanted to express your opinion of.

In this last case the interpretation is not that in your free time you like to inform you about the actuality, but much more: from your political position, how you react to external stimuli (with arguments, nonsense, with incorrect grammar or expressions, etc.), how you interact with others who doesn’t think like you (discussing, raping, dialoguing, etc.) and ultimately, any reading that a third party wants to get out of your own personality, without even asking or meeting in person.

Internet is a gigantic universe, with information of everything and for all: how we articulate and how we have orderly that information will be essential to show a clean and truly image about ourselves.

How to clean your online reputation

It’s important that our space in all this informative chaos, as it happens with our house, is clean, tidy and offers a good impression. But unlike our house, where we control who accesses and whom we invite, on the internet anyone can enter and interact with our space, even a bad guest that messes everything.

“The more we cover on the internet (social networks or web, comments on external pages, etc.) the more efforts we have to do to have everything cleanr”

Therefore, the first thing we must do to control and clean our online reputation is to delimit the size of our space, how far I go what we write, what we talk about, how we interact in other spaces in our name and what others comment about us.

Once the scope of our online reputation has been audited, we must clean up what we don’t want to reflect, which translates into erasing all negative content.

“Every action online leaves a trace and according to the control we have of the space in which we interact, we can make it disappear forever, immediately or need other more complex actions”

Returning to the simile of a clean and always looking good house, if we have humidities, it would be very naive to think that we can eliminate them simply in surface detaching the stain from the wall and painting over: if we do not go to the root of the problem, if we do not open the wall and repair what causes the filtration, the spots will appear immediately again.

Moreover, if these leaks are produced by our neighbor from above, not only must we fix the pipe, but prevent it from leaving an open faucet again or even requesting responsibilities. The same goes for internet: delete content or a page that does not make us look good is not simply a click on “delete” button, but to follow the trail and prevent anyone who has made the negative comments continue to do so.

The three steps to clean your online reputation

Finally, we must take advantage from that hole left by the content removed to fill it with positive content, since Internet neutrality, which is neither favorable nor unfavorable (especially in the case of corporate online reputation.

To do this, we must control and index with SEO and online marketing techniques, that positive content that “fits us” to be the first result when someone look for us.

The “cleaners” in online reputation cleaning concept

Professionals and experienced online reputation agencies have adopted the term “cleaners” as a definition of what a good online reputation cleanup job should be.

So, as we have insisted, an agency that works cleaning your personal online reputation or your company’s online reputation, will not only ensure that there is the minimum visible negative content when searching for your name or brand, but also to deploy the techniques and tools that position the positive content above the negative, reflecting them in the first page of results.

To do this, it must have professional resources (its own legal department, marketing experts, contacts with search engines and content generators, etc.) that strengthen the strategy and, ultimately, not only be sure that your personal and corporate image will look clean, but make sure no one stains it again.


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