The first thing we must keep in mind when managing reputation, whether personal or business one, is that the online world has its own rules and that the same daily situation, has different readings and possibilities in its replica on the internet: we must know that every action we take on the internet has its consequences and should work to make them always positive.

For this, whether we are acting individually or as representatives of our company, we must measure our words and make the tone clear according to the environment in which we are acting. Even more so in the case that we are acting as a brand, where the management of social networks should be treated as something professional. If we don’t see ourselves qualified for it, we must make the decision to leave it in the hands of professionals.

“Every action on the internet has its own reaction: whether positive, negative or even indifferent, but in no case we should ignore them

Another tip is that we totally separate the personal and the professional scope. If this is already a good daily advice, in the case of internet should be a mantra. In no case we should make public political or ideological opinions and refrain from publishing too festive images.

“Around 80% of companies look for what a candidate thinks or express on the internet, as well as images that reflect their professional profile”

Finally, have always close to you a methodology or tools that let you manage and control your online reputation as fast as you need it.

How can we control online reputation?

Control is the absolute key to managing personal or brand reputation in all areas. So, in the case of the online field where a simple “I’m sorry”, “sorry” or “it’s not what I wanted to say” is useless, we always must have the famous plan B arranged to normalize an incipient crisis situation.

¿Y en qué debe consistir ese plan B? en tener las herramientas o las soluciones que permitan desde borrar todo rastro de ese desliz, hasta una respuesta ingeniosa, rápida o totalmente resolutiva que no dé lugar a otras posibles interpretaciones. Ya sea la incidencia por un comentario nuestro o porque alguien haya querido atacarnos.

And what should Plan B consist of? You must have the tools or solutions that allow you to erase all trace of that slip.

Reputation Crisis: the definitive help for an impeccable online reputation

Deploying this plan B on the fly requires management and knowledge of how this parallel universe called the internet, as well as experience and skill when it comes to anticipating about what others can say about us. If you usually get out of hand with Twitter now you have the most potent and powerful tool for an impeccable online reputation in Reputation Crisis: professional reputation cleaner experts in reputation crisis management.

And what does a “cleaner” do? Basically, like soap, cologne and deodorant act in our daily life, a cleaner ensure that a reputation crisis is solved not online delating negative comments, but also tries to make that everything visible online about you or your brand is “radiant and impeccable”.

“Dirt should never be hidden, but cleaned. The same goes for the reputation ”

And how do you get these results? Reputation Crisis erases all negative references thanks to the technology and tools of Red Points Now, after which it uses the experience and the 360º marketing knowledge from the agency GO2JUMP, which generates content and applies SEO techniques so that whoever looks for you or your brand, only receive positive answers in the top positions of search engines.


Contact with Reputation Crisis to improve your online reputation

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