If you are asking yourself how to solve an online reputation crisis, it is very important how quick you  respond to it and the way you use to undertake the situation. That would be the key of success.


7 Steps to solve an online reputation crisis


  • Analize: find out why there is a negative image about you or your business. The most important part to solve an online reputation crisis is to have all the relevant information.


  • Develope an action plan: coordinate and prepare the steps you are going to follow to solve the crisis.


  • Put it into effect: every case is different, thats the reason why we should proceed following the action plan to avoid unexpected events.


  • Comprehensive follow-up. An online reputation crisis is like an oil leakage; once it has happened, the first step is to cover it then clean the stain (to avoid the oil to spread) and finally supervise that everything is in working conditions. Same happens with an online crisis, is very important to follow up the stipulated plan to prevent and make sure we finalize with the crisis.


  • Creat a “retaining wall”: is very important to generate positive comments and content and keep going with our online activity to make sure there are substance and quality comments related to our brand or persona.


  • Erase any possible trace: Make sure the negative content have been deleted or moved to irrelevant positions creating new and positive content.


  • Audit your image: its very important to review our image or business to change or improve things that it might caused a wrong perception in the first place.


Factors that will help you to solve an online reputation crisis


Depending on how important or big is the crisis, it will require more time and effort or less to clear it up. Either way it will be vital to count on with the following factors:

  • Time: a quick reaction is crucials, especially when the online reputation crisis is about our business or related to us. The users that are interested and looking for information about a brand or person, are searching for answers; we always need to make sure the find positive ones.


  • Active listening: it is also very important to keep monitoring our company or individual in the network. For that purpose, activily listening allows us determine where is the focus or initiation of the conversations even wherever we have been mentioned creating awarness about the circumstances.


  • Direct contact: Have an expert reputation online team capable to solve and give answers it makes a massive difference; it is not just important to be quick but to give the correct solutions and move forward in the correct direction. Thats why its key a fluid communication to make sure we all are in the same page.


  • Professional support: when is a very evident case will require professional support. In certain circumstances, moving swiftly or creating positive content is not enough. In this instance we will need a specialized team that will provide us experience, legal support and knowledge in similar circumstances .


  • Patience: Each online reputation crisis is different. For this reason it is fundamental to keep calm and collected and be focus not only in make the crisis dissapear but to build at the same time a solid and positive reputation and above all, trust the process.


Reputation Crisis: improve your online reputation

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